Looking for cheap camera recommendations for a camera array

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Up to now I've been shooting my scans with a single camera (thus statues and architecture), but my goal was always to scan people. To do that I need an array (obviously). Here's the trick though, I'm very poor. I'll have to bootstrap this camera array myself which means I'll be on a very strict budget.

I've done some research on this and the Canon Powershot g11 has come up a few times as a point and shoot solution. It has remote triggering, saves the images in RAW format and has some control over exposure. The problem is price, at this time few are available on Amazon and their price is about $75 more than I can spend on each camera ($178 per camera).

I'm looking for recommendations for cheap, alternate cameras to use in a photogrammetry array. If the price can be around $100 per camera, that would be ideal.


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what about hacking together something with arduino or raspberry pi cameras?

something similar to this but with cameras http://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Arduino-3D-Laser-Scanner/

also multiple kinects?

just spitballing, will be watching this thread with much interest :slight_smile:

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Here's some info on building a DYI Raspberry Pi camera:


You can't beat the price, but I think the sensor is far too small. Also the barrier to entry is too great for me. I personally don't have the few months it'll take to learn C+ programming (there may be an already made program for this, but we'll need to add some functionality).

Anyone have any info on open source digital camera kits? I seem to remember coming across one that allows for different lenses and some flexibility in the programming. If I can find it again, I'll post it here.

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I've been really keen about low budget multi-camera rigs lately and the Raspberry Pi cameras currently have my attention but the tech barrier is beyond me. I'm crossing my fingers about the Argosrig. Something like the Argosrig could potentially be scaled up to create massive capture stages.

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That looks very interesting...