Looking for developer in Germany

(Cascho) #1


I´m looking for a sketchfab developer who has extensive knowledge on the Data/Viewer-API.
You will develop a GoogleEarth-like viewer for a little village in Germany.
You will get all 3d-data incl. textures from me.
The viewer will allow to de/activate different info-layers.

The runtime-features you will implement are:
- de/activate Objects
- interactively change the texture of a ground object
- 360°-panorama viewer
- interactively download / add / remove 3d-content from a server
- visualize textdata coming from a MySQL-Database (OnMouseOver a building)
- OPTIONAL: allow users to edit the content of that database

You´re located in Germany, fluent german is necessary.

Here´s a Unity WebGL-site that shows most of the features.
This project is a pilot-project:
There´s already one bigger village in the pipeline and more citys are expected to follow later.

For further questions please don´t hesitate and contact me.
Looking forward your offer (based upon €/h would be nice)!


(Klaasnienhuis) #6

Hi @CarstenSchonart,
I'd love to hear more about this project. My team and I have built several sites with Sketchfab and I have lots of experience with maps in 3D. Most features you list are possible in Sketchfab though mouseover events aren't supported (any plans for that @james?)
I know I don't fully comply with your requirements (I'm not located in Germany but nextdoor in The Netherlands) but my German is very good.

Some references: Zodiac configurator, Zodiac pro configurator, Maproom for 3dsMax

If this looks good to you, send me a pm with your email or skype id and we can explore this further.


Hover/mouseover events are definitely on our todo list, but not scheduled in the roadmap yet.