Looking for freelance help

(Abakker) #1

My addiction is about form finding. I would like to create a collection of beautiful high-resolution bronze images to create a photo book. Is it appropriate to look for freelance people for hire help here? I’m thinking to use sketchfab and substance painter? As you can see in the example I could use the help.


(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #2

Hmmm :thinking:, how many forms are you going to do? You will use the same material of this model in other forms?

(Abakker) #3

Likely 20-50 objects. I like to start with one or two to see if a nice high resolution can be obtained for publication quality.

If so, I would like to create an environment that would make the materials reusable.

(Rickerson Martines Aparecido) #5

Wow, i’m sorry by the delay, i take a look to your models and, they are very Hig Poly with a lot of details, and i work with Low Polys, i think that i can’t help you :frowning:, i prefer not help, than help and make a crap work :confused:

(Abakker) #6

No problem. I’m digging into blender…