Looking for freelancer support photogrammetry

Hello! I hope it’s ok if I post this. We are currently looking for more freelancers for photogrammetry. You should be familiar with the subject. We create fashion 3D from images. We provide the images for the 3D photogrammetry to be created. You do the rest.:wink: You should be familiar with the following programs: Zbrush, Retopo, Texture, Baking. Maja or Blender of your choice.
Time and desire? Then get in touch quickly.


Hi, i’m interested! You can check my models on https://sketchfab.com/cie. I can optimize the geometry and create PBR textures should you have the need for it. Can you send me an email (casper@hane3d.net)?
Cheers, Casper

Hello, it may be interesting, if you want to write to me at info@fovea.es. You can see my models in: