Looking for help to enhance a product configurator =)

(Pierreyvesjacques) #1


I’ve created a product configurator (wip) with the great OptionsOptions script from @klaasnienhuis.

You can take a look here: https://pierreyves3D.com/kkbb/ (comment please, I always need reviews)

The script helps me a lot but now, I’m looking for a developer for few tweaks:

  • I would like to generate an ‘reference-code’ from user customizations to make orders easier to process
  • I would like to add an UI over the Sketchfab frame with visuals / colored icons for better user experience
  • i would like to be able to share it on sketchfab and embled the result directly into a blog post (without html)


(Shaderbytes) #2

hey there

Sharing it on sketchfab will entail much more work and is probably not needed. You just need to create a database on the configuration site to store creation metadata/user credentials or reference code. Then in the blog you just load the same model as many times as you like and query the database and then apply the viewer manipulations… anyway what you are requesting is a decent amount of good development and will require some good budget to cover the time to build something like that… what is your budget? You can PM me more details if you like.


(Klaasnienhuis) #3

Hi Pierre, I’ve sent you a PM. Uploading configured models to sketchfab might not be what you need. Mostly because of what shaderbytes said. Though, it’s possible of course.

(Mpotran) #4

i am not a regular follower on Sketchfab and i did not know there is a script for a product configurator. That’s just what i was looking for for a long time - just have the option for the viewer to change the model color or the textures, maybe even some parts of the model.
Where can i find that script or instructions?

(Shaderbytes) #5

There are no scripts or instructions to save and reload user configurations for viewer API manipulations, since that is what was outlined in the original message then there is no way around getting a developer to build something like that for you. There are tools to work with the viewer API, I wrote such a tool and it is free :

This of coarse wont help you as all changes will be lost when the browser session ends. Edit i just saw you are a different user to the OP so if you dont need any sort of database work then use my Utility code, it makes it very easy to use the viewer api


(Klaasnienhuis) #6

Hi @mpotran, the tool Pierre-Yves is referring to is called OptionsOptions. It works with 3dsMax and it can publish a configurator directly from within your 3dsMax file if you set it up properly.
Here are some examples of what you can create: https://klaasnienhuis.github.io/optionsoptions-examples/
Here’s a walkthrough video: https://youtu.be/bBYc3nAvzfY
Here’s documentation (though slightly outdated): https://klaasnienhuis.github.io/optionsoptions/
And you can download the script here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lrqpb8xwyh1ew0a/AABRXJUjou5Wr7IHalcb4X2pa?dl=1

(Pierreyvesjacques) #7

Hi everyone!

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(Klaasnienhuis) #8

Looking good Pierre-Yves. Great job using the 3d configurator from optionsoptions and making it your own!

(Pierreyvesjacques) #9

Thank you @klaasnienhuis ! I could not have done anything without the development of your plugin OptionOption. I’m glad you like the UI! I can not wait to talk to you about the future of 3D configurators =)