Looking for model designers for my upcoming 3D freeroam game

if possible all of these should have animations such as walking, lumbering, crawling, chasing, and idle.

1.if possible could someone make a humanoid animatronic like the ones from fnaf 1 but not an animal just a mesh screen for the face and the costume part is thinner and just humanoid?

2.if possible could someone make one just like the one above but with a mouthpart that splits the mesh. also is covered in dark, wispy, smoky stuff.

3.if possible could someone make a giant animatronic that has 6 arms, a normal set, a set right under that, and a set that comes out of it shoulders. this one should have a face and a color scheme of black, grey, and silver.

4.if possible could someone make a copy of the one above just with a color scheme of white, and gold?

if possible, 3. should have chains that drag on the ground and hang from its arms

Is this a paid project?

does it have to be? i dont have a budget but anything i get from this game will go to anyone who helped

No, but you always need to clarify that. People might expect to be paid.

oh ok thanks

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