Looking for models featuring animated textures

Have you created models with “animated” textures? (Quotes since SF doesn’t really handle animated textures atm) Do you know a cool model that uses that technique? Show me!

A few days ago I created this model and used the stop-motion feature on Sketchfab for the moving outline.

But for my next model, I’d like to take it a step further with moving, “scribbly” textures. I’m pretty sure I know the way I want to approach creating this effect, but I’d like to see how others have made it/ how it looks. The style doesn’t really matter, but hand drawn things would be neat to see :slight_smile:

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Few ones that I found:

This is a bit more complex than what I’m planning on doing, with an animated text on a sign. The process is explained in the description.

A cool “scroll” effect for the background, I’m not 100% sure how this was achieved. Very fitting for the model!

Seems to me the background isn’t a normal Sketchfab background, but a textured sphere. So each frame of the animation is a different version of the sphere with slightly ‘scrolled’ UV coordinates. :nerd_face:

Here’s another example of “animated” textures - and some shameless self promotion :smiley:

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That’s neat, thanks for sharing it! Love how the effect is used for creating the atmosphere, I’ve only thought about using animated textures as something gimmicky. It really affects the whole piece. Didn’t think it could be used like that!

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Thanks :slight_smile: Although I guess technically my use is to fake animated lighting by using a fake animated texture, so probably not a typical example. :nerd_face:

Here’s another good simple example, using the same principle as the Powerpuff Girls model except this time to animate some water:

I tried to simulate a primitive water caustics effect on a dolphin:

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Not sure whether this fits the bill or not…