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Looking for purchase or direction

(James Burnham) #1

Posted in the Lounge but probably should have been here.

I don’t know anything about this technology. I am a bison freak and was looking up bison latifrons on Google. I found a link to a University of Idaho Virtual Museum and a Bison Digitization Project funded by the Bureau of Reclamation. I downloaded a bison latifrons skull. It’s cool to look at but I don’t know what else I can do with it. I also clicked a link that brought me here where I saw some related stuff.

When I conducted a search for “bison” in your store, that stuff did not come up. My questions are these:

Can you people “print out” (?) 3d models of the stuff I found? If so, how big can the models be? Do they lose detail the larger they get (like blowing up a digital photo), or do they look realistic? Since there are caveats about commercial use, how would I go about paying you to do this? The end product would be for me, for my personal, educational, display but I suppose there could be issues with someone doing this for me? Can I put what I downloaded onto a thumb drive and take it somewhere to have it printed out? Are there brick-and-mortal places that do this?

Sorry for all the questions but I took a stab at researching answers on my own and my eyes started to cross, so this is my research, asking you folks.

Thanks in advance for any enlightenment. Jim