Looking for wrestling ring ready for animation

(Calseeor) #1

Howdy all,

I hope this is a proper place to post requests (it looks like it).

I’m new to this forum and new to 3d animation as well. I learn things best if I get to use what I like within the learning, so to that end I am looking for a wrestling ring (think WWE / WCW / Impact). I’d like the ropes, ring skirt and ring mat to be able to be animated, so I think that means they need to be boned? In the future, I would plan on using this ring in some animations if I don’t quite learning how before then. :slight_smile:

Is there anyone here that is interested? If so, please let me know and we can talk a price.

Thank you,

(Bart) #2

Here’s a model in our store that might fit your needs?

(Calseeor) #3

Thank you for the link to your product. :slight_smile:

Do the ropes have the ability to be animated (as in if a wrestler is thrown against them, or standing on them)? From what I can tell, the ropes are not boned?

Other than that, this could work for my tests. It won’t work for a real wrestling ring if my project idea comes together after I learn a bit more, but for now, it could be what I need.

Thanks again!

(Bart) #4

It’s not my product :slight_smile: I suggest you leave these questions as a comment on the model.

(Tomatoheadstudio) #5

There are a lot of ways to approach this matter so I think it would be helpful to learn a little bit more about what you are trying to do. Is the animation for some interactive media (as in games) or not? What type of software are you planning on using? Maya, Blender, Unreal Engine?
Are the animations complex or simple? Maybe instead of skeletal animation you could be using Shape Keys, depending on your situation.

(Calseeor) #6

Thank you for the reply.

The animation is for viewing as a video (cartoon/show).
I’m looking at using iClone, some Daz for content, and HitFilm to put it all together in.
I’m looking for the animations to be simple-ish but interesting.

Shape keys aye? Never heard of it, I’ll go and Google. Thank you for the information.

(Tomatoheadstudio) #7

I don’t know any of these to help you, but I’ve made this on Blender to show you how it can work. It is a very crude effect made with shape keys (also known as Morphs in other software). It can be made to look way better.

(Calseeor) #8

Even though the animation is crude as you said, it would be great for me at this point in my learning! So I should look up how to do “Shape Keys” ?

Thanks so much!

(Tomatoheadstudio) #9

Certainly seems like the path! Good luck!