Lorenzo Mugianesi #3December Entries

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #1

Joining in late, not too late tho, this will be a good way to improve my modelling! Hopefully!

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #2

Entry #1 - Winter Coat
Why not a fox coat?

(Bart) #3

Welcome Lorenzo! You’re definitely not too late, I just joined today too :slight_smile: (You have until Jan 1st to submit your entries).

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #4

Entry #2 - Wood Stove
I’ve been super busy lately hopefully I’ll get some free time soon so to finish this challenge in time ahah
anyway this is my wood stove, doesn’t look too good, I wanted it to feel warm and nice but didn’t feel like taking too much time on texturing and such considering it is the 9th and this was for the 4th

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #5

I’m catching up! Had some free time this morning so I dived straight into this!
Hope you all like it as much as I do, lowpoly models have a way to cheer me up!

(Nomadking) #6

Great use of materials and lighting to bring your scene to life! :wink:

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #7

Fruitcake for entry #4
don’t have too much time sadly so this was a quick model, too bad.

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #8

trying to catch up but don’t know if I ever will ahah
anyway We all hate the flu so here are some remedies for it Entry #5

(Ever Shroud) #9

Oh, I really love your take on the flu! I really enjoy the models themselves and I like the fact you added a bit of info too!

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #10

Well thank you I’m glad you liked it!

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #11


(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #12

Here’s another crappy entry lol
A messy wizard in it’s igloo tower!

(Ostapblendercg) #13

freakin’ EPIC!

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #14

Thanks, I’m glad you think so!!

(Lorenzo Mugianesi) #15

Since I went with magic for the last entry I decided to stick to it and bring to you the hellfire earmuffs!

Should have animated it a little and given it some more details, but I’ll do that if I’ll get the chance later on!