Lost Inventions of the Greatest Minds in History

(J And R Game Studios) #1

Tesla's Static Ray Gun by J_And_R_Game_Studios on Sketchfab

I've sat on this idea for a while and never really done anything with it, but this seemed like the perfect opportunity. What if the greatest minds in history (so far I'm working with Edison, Tesla, Einstein, Oppenheimer, and Higgs) were part of a secret society, and they had insane inventions never seen by the world? What would they be like? The initial idea was to make some sort of a game, and I likely still will, but If I'm making assets, I might as well share them here.
This first entry is Tesla's Static Ray Gun. Basically, it shoots lightning. There's not much to say yet, but I'm currently toying with the idea of ionization, seeing if I can get any cool mechanics out of that. Feel free to make suggestions. Until then, and by then I mean the next time I update, that is all.
Note: J&R Game Studios is formed of both me (Jack) and my friend Ramsey. I just happen to be writing this initial post, thus the first person singular point of view and signing of with solely J.

(J And R Game Studios) #2

Oppenheimer's Neutron Grenade by JAndRGameStudios on Sketchfab

Ok, a couple hours of work later and I have the second device: Oppenheimer's Neutron Grenade. For those of you not familiar with the regular neutron bomb, they are unique among nuclear weaponry in that they can bring down buildings, yet do, relatively speaking, minimal damage to humans. Unless you're in said building. Then no guarantees.
It occurs to me that you might like to know what the rest of my plans are. As stated in the above post, my other plans are Edison, Einstein, and Higgs. Einstein will likely have some sort of a means of slowing or rewinding time, though I'm working on the design aspect. Higgs, although not the inventor of it, did predict possibly the greatest achievement of the particle accelerator so far, the Higgs Boson, so he'll likely have something to do with that, though I'm reluctant to just make a gun, as I'm trying to make these interesting and fun to design. As for Edison, yeah I'm drawing a blank. No much one can do with a lightbulb, though I guess he did also invent DC current, so I suppose I might be able to do something with that, but I've already used the electricity thing with Tesla. Oh well, I keep you posted. Back to the modelling board.

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