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Low poly lovers!

(Bart) #1

I'm a big fan of super low poly work. Here are some of my favorite designs on Sketchfab. Add yours below!

Stylized Castle and Landscape by on Sketchfab

Noka3D - Bunny - 3D papercraft model by Noka3D on Sketchfab

LowPoly Cretaceous by on Sketchfab

Little Knight by Lexington on Sketchfab

(Vtsst) #2

I really like the characters from Bitgem, like this one (he made a few others):

Skeleton King by BitGem on Sketchfab

And also those low-poly models, WoW inspired:

Gannon WoW Fan Art Iron Horde Mount by Gannon on Sketchfab

Rocket Mount ~ World of Warcraft by rxshardcore on Sketchfab

(Bart) #3

Ah yes! Of course everything related to WoW is cool smile

(Chusorgaz) #4

Hello everyone! I take this occasion to share one of my last jobs!!
Hope you like it!

Forest scene by Jesús Orgaz on Sketchfab

(Noka3d) #5

Here are a few papercraft models:

Noka3D - Human Skull by Noka3D on Sketchfab

Unicorn Head - 3D papercraft model by Noka3D on Sketchfab

Noka3D - Deer Head Trophy by Noka3D on Sketchfab

Mask - 3D papercraft model by Noka3D on Sketchfab

Dinosaur Head - 3D papercraft model by Noka3D on Sketchfab

(Bart) #6

Those are very cool. Which software do you use to prepare and light your models? I rather like how you included wireframes in the models.

(Noka3d) #7

Thanks, I use 3DSmax for modeling and rendering the lightmaps. I love how light and fast sketchpad viewer is!

(Constructidecepticon) #8

Hello guys

I love this tread to bits.

I am leaving here two of my pieces

Hope you like these

Flying Island 001 by constructidecepticon on Sketchfab

Chibi tank by constructidecepticon on Sketchfab

(Shadowalk) #9

Practicing, i hope you guys like it smile

Concept Staff by Mr. Shadow on Sketchfab

Shield WoW by Mr. Shadow on Sketchfab

2nd sword by Mr. Shadow on Sketchfab

Another one smile

Blade by Mr. Shadow on Sketchfab

(Dumenieu) #10

nice topic, I add a stupid cubist joke

June lowpoly by Dumenieu Alain on Sketchfab

(Hard3d) #11

Cool, man! And I see bloom effect 8) Amazing!

(Matthew R B) #12

I present my first and only model on here, as of this post.
(it took me four tries to figure out how to embed this in the forum. blush

Plymouth LowPoly by Matthew Beers on Sketchfab

(Fongoose) #13

Bulbasaur by fongoose on Sketchfab

(Jstanillustrator) #14

The Crawler Bull
I have added my 1st low poly character.
Hope you all will have a look on it.

The Crawler Bull by jstanillustrator on Sketchfab

(Ilkke) #15

Lovely stuff guys!

Here's some of my own low poly work

Dr Schnapps by iLKke on Sketchfab

Blue Burd by iLKke on Sketchfab

(Matthew R B) #16

I posted this one on, was downvoted and informed that
"There's a difference between low poly and low res."
"Low poly usually includes having flat colors a textures... not 16x16 textures that get blurred"
Evidently we've got it all wrong.

LowRez Ukulele by Matthew Beers on Sketchfab

Anyway, ilkke, you were a huge inspiration for this.

(Nilo) #17

Trevor's trailer by Nilo on Sketchfab

my first model on sketchfab..... GTA V fanart...

(Bart) #18

I can't really reply to each individual entry here, but I'm really enjoying the work that I see. Thanks for sharing!

(Engine9) #19

Lingonberry by engine9 on Sketchfab

(Damien Hazard) #20

Here's an example of my blocky low poly models with pixelart textures:

Molten salt reactor and heat exchangers by Mr.Damien_ℋazard on Sketchfab

edit: I just realized that this thread(while pretty high up on the list) is pretty old. sorry for the unintentional necropost.