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Low poly smooth issue

(Tutor3d) #1

hi there
here is my problem. I uploaded a model few days ago, and find some polygons-group of model were smooth without any normal map. But some parts were not, like leg and chair of the model. They looked flat and sharp edge.
I tested same model this day, and can't get any smooth anymore. I want smooth effect like model few days ago. How can I do that again?

(Mrchlblng) #2

@tutor3d, we lately changed our smoothing strategy for models not having normals that no longer handles your case (mesh with boundaries and discontinuous UVs across the boundary). Sorry about that.
This is a valid use-case for scanning so we'll update our algorithm and hopefully ship it in the next release or the one after!

(Tutor3d) #3

Tks for ur reply~I'll be expected for that

(Mrchlblng) #4

Hi @tuto3d,

sorry for the delay; our new normals processing is now live! You will not have exactly the same result as your first upload but your scan model should be smoothed. You will need to reupload and re-edit the model 3D settings to see the changes though.
Please let me know if you're happy with the result or if you need further improvements!