Low poly Sports car

This is a low poly model of a sport car I made for the game I’m working on. I used Blender for the modelling process and GIMP to create the textures. The textures are just flat colors.


Very nice
is game anywhere ready? Can I see it?

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Hey, thank you! :slight_smile:
The game is still in development. You can see it here:

I made other cars that I will probably publish here in the future.

I will soon publish a new video update, because a lot of things have been added and have changed. I would appreciate if you would subscribe to the channel and share it with your friends. We (I’m working with a friend) are trying to create a community to receive feedbacks and one day release the game! :grin:
You can even follow the other social medias where we publish the game development updates (Facebook and Instagram). The links are in the Youtube channel’s description and also in the video descriptions.

This game looks so fun, Subscribed! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! :smiley: