Low res models uploading

I am completely new to sketchfab and having issues uploading models. They appear completely fine when processed and viewed in Agisoft but as soon as I upload them into photoscan they become low resolution, blurry and completely unusable. I have tried uploading them directly from agisoft and sketchfab but get the same result each time.

An example of an uploaded model is here… Morris Castle 2 - 3D model by charlieenright (@charlieenright) - Sketchfab

And this is how it looks in photoscan

As far as I can tell the texture file is uploading with the obj. and mtl. file but does not appear to display leaving model blurry.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello and welcome to the forum @charlieenright!

It looks like you have built a very small texture file, I would suggest a texture size of at least 4096x4096 pixels when creating and exporting textures. Workflow > Build Textures:

Try that and let me know if it helps.

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