Low texture resolutions?

(Talavaj) #1

I don't know if it is just me, but I feel like no textures are loading in actual "HD" resolution for me at the moment.
Even when I work in the edit window the not yet uploaded textures appear very blurry and washed out.

Anyone experiencing the same or am I just imagining things?
Did the compression rates go up even further or what?

(Tobyfredson) #2

I have the same problem such as you. I suddenly found that all my 2k textures turned to 1k? Upon closer inspection this seems to be the case. I hope this is nothing but a bug, because it would be a huge blow to 3D game artists and asset publishers as myself if the texture resolution gets downgraded for no reason!!! I'm sure it's some sort of temporary bug not to sound offensive :smile:

(Mrchlblng) #3

@talavaj @tobyfredson we did no change in how textures are processed lately and have no current long processing queue issues (we're currently working on improving this to have more reliable processing, no matter the incoming charge on servers).
I checked some recent models and couldn't see any issues with multiresolution textures. Could you link to some URLs having the issues you saw?

(Tobyfredson) #4

I'm not sure but, it appears to have been a problem at the time. It looks fine now. Maybe the texture compression made it seam like 1k?