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Lowpoly run cycle too heavy for mobile?


(Nickholl) #1


Ive uploaded a run cycle of a low poly character of mine (not public yet) and all runs fine on desktop, however on mobile it says its too heavy to play back. Is this normal or have it done something wrong in the exporting perhaps? its only 1.7k verts




The number of bones is the bottleneck here. Looks like you have 62 in that model.

For viewing on iOS, for example, we recommend no more than 34. Despite iPhone/iPad hardware being quite good, Apple introduces an artificial limitation which really hurts when dealing with lots of bones.

(Nickholl) #3

Doh! Thanks for the heads up. So does that bone limit apply if someone were to use that rig in an iPhone game as well?

Thanks again


Sorry, I have no idea :sweat:

(Nickholl) #5

not to worry - just out of interest - how are you able to see the joint count? is it something I can view somewhere?



I have an admin/dev/debug tool that crawls through your model data and reports some stats for me (#meshes, #materials, #bones, texture sizes, etc.)

We're considering how to implement this for model authors and show more useful warnings. Maybe a kind of "Inspector mode".

(Nickholl) #7

that would be pretty useful!

(Nickholl) #8

Hi James, i was just wondering...

is it possible that it isn't the bones that are causing my model not to play on iPhone? the only reason i ask is that it still displays the bone rig animation but not the mesh

thanks again

(Stephomi) #9

It depends, there's several way to implement rigging (cpu vs gpu, etc.., unity can do it on the cpu for example so no limits), also the limit might be artificially lower in the browser.

It displays the bone rig animation because the bones are animated in the cpu, the mesh, however, is skinned by the gpu, thus the problem. We could skin the mesh on the cpu but it might have noticeable impact on performance