[Lowpoly] Stylised rifle: I would like some Design feedback please!


(Jonathon Higgins) #1

Hey all,

This is the first time I have designed a gun from scratch and I was looking to gain some criticism. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on the model/texture's design language/readability/repetition/flow. My goal was for an easy on the eyes design layout and with a semi-realistic/stylised texture.

Many thanks!

(Ben Hosac) #2

Hi there Jonathon! I like the palette you're using but personally think the three areas that must be changed are the handle, placard and bayonet.

The handle doesn't feel like it could fit in a hand, the bayonet isn't feeling very blade-like and the plaque just kinda needs work as it's raised dots + font just don't fit the blockiness of the gun at all.

Ask yourself some questions about who assembled the gun and out of what. Where did the parts come from? Who is using it? How old is it? There are a lot of clues to the details you can throw into the design. Good luck!

(Jonathon Higgins) #3

Thank you so much for the input!

I agree the bayonet is lacking the blade vibe. The placard does look very out of place now that I view it from your perspective. Also a nice tip about thinking more about the parts before they were assembled, I guess I didn't really consider that enough in the texturing stage. Ill make changes to these and size down the handle 20% when I have some free time!

Thanks again! Superb feedback