Lympha, the forest guardian spirit

Hello everyone :grinning: I’m new here and to the 3d world in general!
I started studying 3D for a few months and this is my first project: Lympha :partying_face:


This is the result of many months of study and work, but I’m very happy with it, I hope you like it!
I’d appreciate a lot if you leave a like :heart: and constructive criticisms :nerd_face: it would mean a lot to me!

Oh I was forgetting, if you want you can find the complete project with also renderings in the Behance page!


Looks really cool!
As for a constructive criticisms, I would add some post processing in Sketchfab 3d editor. It would make the whole scene pop!

Thanks a lot!! :blush: I thought of adding some filters, but I was also afraid that they could “weigh down” the file, that is already not very light :sweat_smile:
More than anything else a background is missing :thinking: but at the moment I’ll go with it, being registered only with a free account