LZCreation - Aerial and ground photogrammetry - Belgium


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About this service

LZCreation provides photogrammetric 3D scanning services from little artefacts to buildings or whole landscape.

• References/former clients: universities - archaeological research - museums - various artists
• How to contact: info@lzcreation.com

Service description

• Specialisation: Photogrammetry for cultural heritage or aerial projects.
• Equipment/software: Panasonic G9 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone
• Location: Belgium
• Ability to travel: Everywhere (aerial drone operations depends on local regulation)
• Resolution: from low to high poly as needed
• Guaranteed accuracy: from 1mm (little objects) to 10cm (for whole sites)
• Max / min scannable sizes: Max 1km for aerial photogrammetry – min 1cm for studio photogrammetry
• Textures: 4K or more
• Deliverable file formats: OBJ, FBX
• Additional services: aerial video / photo
• Costs: On request

Service-specific information

• Aerial vector: DJI Phantom 4 Pro drone