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Machiya #3December Entries

(Machiya) #1

Today is going to have to be something simply.

(Machiya) #3

Fred was not concerned. The water was only thinly COATED with ice!
He threw aside his towel and dived in.

20-minute sculpt ;0) …and an hour working out how to upload it.

(Machiya) #4

Wood Stove

(Machiya) #5

North-Pole – working in VR (and well outside my comfort-zone). In fact, this whole series will be about only using VR modelling programs, which are reasonably basic – and seemly an enormous amount of tri’s)

(Omabuarts) #6

Cool snowfall :smile:

(Machiya) #7

I struggled with the alembic export - but moving on for today.

(Machiya) #8

Alembic export failed to import, but an interesting view of the inner working of a VR Mesh.
Looks like a hot cup of lemon and honey in VR (honest).

(Machiya) #9

Playing catchup now ;0)

(Machiya) #10

That’s all folks. Have fun and good luck.

(Nonlly) #11

Whaaa, I loved your submissions, so sad we won’t see more from you :frowning:

(Ever Shroud) #12

Totally get you, I needed to drop out too. You did a great job with the entries you did finish, it was fun to see your work!

(Machiya) #13

Thx for the positive vibes - have fun.

(Machiya) #14

Thx EverShroud - another time perhaps.