Mad Jelly Idea Machine - Final

(Gannon) #1

I've been kicking this around idea and I'm slowly refining it. Here's some pictures of my current progress. Crazy jellyfish scientist with a machine that sucks the ideas out of his head and turns them into something scary!

(Bart) #2

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(Gannon) #3

I've been slowly chipping away at this here and there. Here's a quick peak of my current progress.

(Angieteickner) #4

So cute :smiley: what is he doing in there?

(Bart) #5


a quick personal reminder that the Mad Science contest closes next Wednesday (midnight, 23:59 New York time). So whatever you decided to do this weekend - you'd better cancel it and finish your entry :slight_smile:

As always, you can read contest updates here, and if you have any last minute questions feel free to email me at bart@ this website.

Good luck!!

(Gannon) #6

Thinking up a lot of evil of course! He's got a lot of gauges and buttons to siphon out those ideas and bring them to life :smiley:

(Gannon) #7

Control panel and some other tweaks getting ready to start on the glass areas!

(Gannon) #8

Progress update on the mad jelly himself

(Gannon) #9

Time to finish the tendrils, eyes and polish this off. Then onto the final minion in the second chamber!

(Lord00120) #10

Nice transparent textures on the glass there :slight_smile: Looks very grimy!

(Gannon) #11

Ok, Here's my final entry - It's been a lot of fun! Good luck everybody!

Mad Jelly Idea Machine by Gannon on Sketchfab

Let me know what you guys think, I'd be happy to answer any questions anyone might have!