Mad Max Gigahorse [WIP]

(Foulds3d) #1

Hi all,

I'm in the progress of modelling the Gigahorse from Mad Max based on several pieces of concept art from the recent film. I don't get chance to work on it very frequently but when I do I'll try and post anything on here that others might find useful, or to answer questions etc. Any comments and criticisms are welcome as it progresses.

Modelled primarily in Blender so far, although ZBrush was used for retopology on the skulls.



WIP - Mad Max Gigahorse by Foulds3D on Sketchfab

(Bart) #2

Thanks for sharing! I've fixed the Sketchfab link - just put the link on its own line and it will expand into our viewer.

My first feedback would be that the mesh looks very clean at this point. I'm sure you'll be adding a lot of dirt with textures, but it seems to me the mesh could also use some dents, broken parts etc?

(Shaderbytes) #3

Model is looking awesome .. its gonna be fun to texture it :wink:

(Foulds3d) #4

Thanks, that's a lot better. Yes I definitely agree, a lot of the basic shapes underlying the design are pretty simple - the metal cylinders particularly, so will need breaking up via textures and altering the geo a bit. I like the idea of adding some broken parts!

You're right @shaderbytes, it'll be a bit of a mission but I learned a lot from my last model and I think it'll be fun. Hopefully box mapping will save me some time in places where it's not so fun...

(Dolores) #5

Wooow, that's awesome! I like rendered effect. How did you do that in Blender? D:

(Bart) #6

Yeah agreed. Any chance you can share your material/environment setup? :smile:

(Foulds3d) #7

Absolutely. The Blender side of things is dead simple - lighting is just an HDRI (HDR Map 01 from Chocofur with the strength set at 1.5, plus a white sun lamp overhead for added highlight + shadows. One diffuse material is used for the scene - just standard white/light grey.

Raw output:

Image was rendered out along with an ambient occlusion pass, plus a normal pass which was used in Blender's compositor to provide an edge highlight pass as shown below:

Compositor nodes:

Edge highlight pass:

This was layered over the raw render in GIMP using 'Screen' mode, and using a layer mask I was able to paint highlights on where I needed them to bring out detail (mask shown below in red):



(Foulds3d) #8

Besides that I just used the ambient occlusion pass set to 'multiply' to add some depth, although I first adjusted it by layering it over a copy of the raw image, setting it to 'screen' mode, and merging the layers to produce a softer AO with more colour (before and after below):

That's it. Sorry for the lengthy post - too much detail is better than not enough right...? :wink:

(Bart) #9

Wow thanks! I wish I could give that 10 'likes' :wink:

I thought I'd give you a shout out on my BlenderNation feed:

(Dolores) #10

Awesome! Thank you very much! :heart_eyes: I'm going to try it out in my project :smile: :+1:

(Foulds3d) #11

No problem, glad I could help! Cheers for the link too Bart

(Krzysztof Zwolinski) #12

You do not have to use painted mask to combine Normal pass re-light with the beauty pass.
You can use object/material ID after rendering and find the right spot :wink:. Of course you have to save clean normal pass and ID pass.