Mad psychedelic colours upon upload from SW


(Danielcane) #1


This model is a single surface body uploaded using the SW plugin from SW2018.
As you can see the material looks mad… assigning materials doesn’t change this.
What am I able to do please?
I fancy the SFxSW exporter plugin may not be 2018 compatible, but this happened to me before with 2016 SP3, which I still have on another machine. Unfortunately SW doesn’t support saving to legacy versions, so I cant save it back to 2016 to try that.
I did try a SW macro to export it to OBJ then uploaded it to SF and it looked fine, but that means I can’t have an assembly of different materials (which I ultimately want to do) because an OBJ file of multiple different bodies, SF only shows as one material. Also, saving to OBJ sends the orientation and scale all over the place, likewise IGES.

Many thanks!!


(Danielcane) #2


Once it was part of an assembly, for whatever reason it looked fine.