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Mad Science 2016 - Hollow Crystal Sage

(Shane Beucler) #1

Crystal Sorcery is a form of magic in the dark souls series of games, it was developed by the dragon Seath the scaleless through a series of tragic experiments and was eventually adopted by humans. These humans were eventually driven mad and hollowed. Crystal Sorcery has always had a history of both being driven by the users intellect and being linked to a curse known as hollowing whose symptoms have always involved madness. For these reasons, I feel that a crystal sage perfectly fits the theme of mad science.

Already have a decent start on the guy, just about 2 days in and in the process of texturing him now.

Hollow Crystal Sage - Update 1
Hollow Crystal Sage - Update 1
(Bart) #2

Welcome on board! You're quite late, so I guess you're in for a busy weekend :slight_smile:

Be sure to read the contest updates here:


(Shane Beucler) #3

Yes, but he is a few days in and the texturing is already almost done, I meant to start posting my progress earlier however I'm moving house at the moment so things have been a bit hectic

(Shane Beucler) #4

Continuing the discussion from Mad Science 2016 - Hollow Crystal Sage:

Crystal Sorcerer - Update 1 by shane.beucler on Sketchfab

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@shane.beucler I've merged your other topic into this one. Please post everything in one thread, thanks :slight_smile:

(Shane Beucler) #6

thanks!, how exactly do i do that? Do i just post it like a reply?

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Update 2 by shane.beucler on Sketchfab

another updaterino!

(Shane Beucler) #8

its comin along!

(Shane Beucler) #9

Update 3 by shane.beucler on Sketchfab

it continues!!!!

(Shane Beucler) #10

Almost There!

Update 4 by shane.beucler on Sketchfab

(Shane Beucler) #11

This will likely be the second to last version of the model

Update 5 by shane.beucler on Sketchfab

(Bart) #12

Exactly. Looks like you've already figured it out :slight_smile:

(Shane Beucler) #13

Work Continues!

(Shane Beucler) #14

Tweaks Continue

(Shane Beucler) #15

Idk how to feel about this patchwork on his head, leaning towards keeping it but I'd very much appreciate any input someone has

(Shane Beucler) #16

Just the 3D vesion of the previously uploaded screenshot

Update 6 by shane.beucler on Sketchfab

(Shane Beucler) #17

It is complete! With better description and all!

Hollow Crystal Sorcerer by shane.beucler on Sketchfab

(Shane Beucler) #18

Note - I'm fooling around in photoshop with the textures at the moment so some minor changes may be made (primarily in terms of levels and color balance) I will post images as I go..

(Shane Beucler) #19

the trial of textures continues!!, feel free to vote!

(Shane Beucler) #20

I think the final version HAS ARRIVED