MagicaVoxel grainy rendered

(Sealiah K) #1

(before beginning sorry if my english is not perfect, I'm french I try my best)

Hi !
I have just started to use MagicaVoxel and I have a question about it because I would like to post my works on Sketchfab.
When I render the scene I'm doing, the picture is "grainy", there is noise on it (you can see on the photo), Does anyone know how could I remove it ? I think it affects the 3D rendered and it bothers me.

Thanks !


Hmm, have you already uploaded to Sketchfab, or this is just in the MagicaVoxel rendering?

(Sealiah K) #3

I already uploaded it on Sketchfab and it was ok because lights and shadows don't appear so I just had the cars with no special effects, but it wasn't very interesting.
It's the MagicaVoxel rendering who makes this "noise" and I can't work properly :confused: