MagicaVoxel: what to learn?

(Elbriga) #1

Starting this thread as suggested by @catilaporte , seems like some more tips and tricks on MagicaVoxel are wished upon :wink:

While I have a few ideas of my own, are there any specific things that you wish you could do, but don't know how?
Or any things you feel are complicated to do?
Or ways to use blender to expand what's possible in voxels (animation, baking, effects...)

You can request anything here and I'll look into it thoroughly!

Tips & Tricks with Magica Voxel
(Catilaporte) #2

may be the few ideas of your own is a great starter
or may be tell us
how did you do "a very nomal monday"

What is that you find the more powerful in magica voxel?
My favorite is starting with the combo: Erase> Inverse>Move...

(can you kill one of the 2 goups? :worried:)

(Elbriga) #3

I was thinking about making a tut' about making seamless voxel tiles using magicavoxel's ability to move the scene around in 3d space :smile: I've been also working alot with painting water recently, it's not easy at first, maybe that can be useful?
A voxel-specific tutorial showcasing the useful tools in MV is also a possibility, but I'm afraid it'll be a little too simple, what do you think?

The making of "A normal monday" is really very classic, I started with the cat using the box tool, then added the kitchen around, and I decided to add the cloud at the end, and I always add color afterwards :smile:

One of the things I find super useful in MV is the "Voxel" 2D and 3D brush, allows to make spheric shapes and complex shapes easily! For example the umbrella or the clouds.

About this thread: I think it'll be useful for specific questions, for larger tutorials it'll be better if I spend time making a real in depth tutorial like the previous ones rather than a quick answer here that'll probably be confusing ^^

(Catilaporte) #4

@elbriga" A voxel-specific tutorial showcasing the useful tools in MV is also a
possibility, but I'm afraid it'll be a little too simple, what do you
-well , I think it would be great since you just have so much great stuff done in MV to illustrate the tut.,it probably would be the best tut on the block!
But painting water is a great one! May be the best way is to mix 2 scenes , one of them with glass voxels, what do you think? Like on your very normal monday it would be even greater if the shower was transparent :wink:,

-Can I offset the 'repeat'? (in MV? slant it in Blender?)
-Can I get the MC shape on sketchfab???

(Elbriga) #5

Guess I'll get to work on a general tutorial :smile:

  • I don't think you can offset the repeat like an array in blender
  • There's actually a specific export button for Marching Cubes that exports a .PLY file, and it will import perfectly in Sketchfab ^^ I think it got added in the last release

(Catilaporte) #6

what do you suggest as the best way to animate my fountain?

We Drop! by catilaporte on Sketchfab

WhatI was thinking was
create new mv scene
- erasing everyting but the water, add more voxels , make it glass then merge my 2 voxels scenes in Blender , is this a way?
could I also animate it? :worried:

(Elbriga) #7

To make the water transparent your method seems valid, although the step where you make it transparent will actually be in sketchfab, you'll have 2 spearate objects in your scene, so you'll just have to set the transparency for the water object in Sketchfab.

As to animating it, I'm not sure there's an easy way... Well the easy way would be a particle system, but I'm not sure how to get it into sketchfab then.
You could animate groups of cubes in blender if you feel patient enough ^^ Playing with the scale to make them go up unnoticed :smile:

(Nomadking) #8

The new-ish Stop Motion features on Sketchfab would probably be the best way of animating a particle system

(Catilaporte) #9

@elbriga I was just thinking of a great way to make a tutorial:
- taking a poorly lighed voxel scene (pick one of mine!)
and showing the different results with few combos of
different camera angles + differents light settings,
sort of a total make over