Make a collection private?


(Melanie Fillios Une) #1

I have noticed that for each model the various Collections that a models has been added to will appear in the right hand column. Is there any way to hide that a model has been added to a collection?

The senario would be that we have a number of collections which we have created which we have our students use for tutorials. We may wish to create an Assessment Collection which contains models which also appear in these Tutorial Collections. This would be for an assessment so we do not want to make it public which models are in this collection. The models themselves are public which is fine, but is there a way to make a collection private. We would then share with the students a link to the Assessment Collection (maybe password protected). The students would then not know which models will be part of their assessment or be alerted to a model being used for an assessment by the "Assessment Collection" appearing in the right column.



We hope to offer collection-level privacy in the future - added your +1!

(Gilles38) #4

I would like that too: private collection.
Also, is it possible to reorder the models whithin a collection ?
As far as I understand, models are ordered according to the date they were added.
After a collection has been created if I want to add a model that I would like to be displayed at the end of the collection, I have to reenter all models...
Unless I missed something?
Thank you

(Joel3d) #6

I would like this option too. Also - payment option for a subscription to a private collection, something like

Please add me to the +1

(Foxpup) #7

Count me in too. I’m looking forward to the private list option. +1 for me too. Collections are great but not all of them should be public or worse yet automatically show up in the right side of models within them for all to see.

(Norgeotloic) #8

Amen to that request! +1