Make adjustment to one of mt models in my Portfolio?

(Joel3d) #1

Would it be possible to change the center pivot of my model 'Tyrannosarus rex' I like the automatic slow rotation effect, but it is too large and rotates off screen.

(Stephomi) #2

Currently, you can't change the autospin pivot (by default on the center of the mesh).

But you can change the pivot of the camera by double clicking on the model.
What you probably want is to match the camera and the autospin pivot.
If you double click on the canvas/background, it will reset the camera (and its pivot, on the center of the mesh too).
You can zoom a little bit and it won't change the pivot.

You'll have to "save view" in the editor to save the new camera position.

(Joel3d) #3

I see, thanks for your response


@joel3d - Were you able to improve your pivot point? Happy to help if you're still having trouble.

(Joel3d) #5

Yes, kind of.Thanks.