MakerLounge 3D-Studio in Germany

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About this service

Based in Goslar, Germany we have started our business in 2012. We´re specialized in developing 3d-scanner hardware and software. Our Makerlounge FullBody 3D-Scanner with our own developed controlling software can be purchased since 08/15.
Also we´re scanning people, animals and even buildings with our scanning hardware. We´re working with several 3d- scanner, including our fullbody 3d-scanner and hardware from DJI for aerial photogrammetry.

Service description

  • Specialisation: FullBody 3d-scans, aerial photogrammetry, horse-scans, mobile 3d-scans on festivals, events.
  • Equipment/software: FullBody 3d-scanner, some high definition handheld scanner, DJI drone.
  • Location: In Goslar/Germany
  • Ability to travel: Yes, we can easily transport our fullbody scanner to nearly every location.
  • Resolution: 0.05 - 0.1 mm (most using 0.1mm for 3d-printing)
  • Guaranteed accuracy: 0.1 mm
  • Max / min scannable sizes: from 3cm to really big objects like buildings, houses
  • Textures: Yes
  • Deliverable file formats: obj, stl, vmrl, ply, and so on
  • Additional services: We offer the whole bandwidth from creating a mesh, cleaning, restoring textures and make the file 3d-printable.
  • Costs: starts from 99,- €

Service-specific information

  • Selling 3d-scanner hard/software: Yes - own developed 3d-scanner with controlling software
  • Ability to easily transport the scanner: Yes, we can transport the scanner in a normal van or build it up in a truck.
  • Time for build up and configure the scanner after transport: With 1 person in about 1h
  • Ability to use structured light in the scanner?: Yes, we´re using structured light with fully LED-control (LED-dim)


Scan with Thomas Strunz and 1.Bundesliga Trophy by Makerlounge 3D-Studio on Sketchfab

Sissi - 3D-Scan by Makerlounge 3D-Studio on Sketchfab

Father & Son 3D-Scan by Makerlounge 3D-Studio on Sketchfab