Making a game prop in one hour every Sunday, for fun : Join us!

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Every Sunday. One theme. One hour. Fun.

Hey guys smile
I am inviting you to join our facebook group " Sunday Game Prop' ".

What is it ?

It's a group based on a concept: Every Sunday, on a given theme, members can make a 3D game model (low-poly, textured) in one sharp hour, upload it on Sketchfab, and post it on the group page.
The theme is given on Saturday and if you don't have time a specific Sunday you can still do it until next Sunday !

Why ?

JUST FOR FUN and sharing fun with others. And to learn how to work faster, maybe, improving your workflows or just experimenting !
Also, the cool guys at Sketchfab are helping us holding the contest.

Where can I find the group ?

Look for Sunday Game Prop' on facebook or just click this link:

The group is open to everyone, so just come and read the rules (they are so simple and short stuck_out_tongue ) then have fun posting your props !

Thanks for reading me, and I hope you'll join and get some fun with us smile