Making a transition into 3D Cultural Heritage

(Scottiow) #1

Hello all,

This is my first post here but I am hoping I can gain some guidance from all of you.
I am currently a 3D Artist working within the computer games industry, however with archaeology and history being a
great passion of mine I am currently looking at ways to work within the digital archaeology and cultural heritage field.

I have lots of experience creating 3D content and next generation Virtual Reality gaming experiences and believe there is a great potential for its use within cultural heritage. Having seen the work of Solius Heritage, ScottishTen and DDS aswell as others, im interested in the use of Laser scanning and photogrammetry for recording purposes but also for increasing public awarness and experience within heritage installations, providing exciting and engaging experiences.

I am eager to get your thoughts on career opportunities working with digital content and cultural heritage, and any advice for trying to make a transition. Are there any UK training courses you could recommend that would provide a basis to aid in this transition or companies you know of who specialise in this field.

I would be keen to hear of any advice or opportunites you could suggest.

Many thanks in advance,

(Abby Crawford) #2

Welcome, @scottiow! There are, as you say, so many exciting uses for 3D in archaeology and cultural heritage. I'm not very familiar with the opportunities for education/training in the UK, but maybe @nebulousflynn or @hugoandersonwhymark would have some suggestions.

I think that you're at an advantage if you're skilled in both computer gaming and 3D scanning/photogrammetry, as there are a lot of public outreach applications that involve combining the two. Check out this page to see how one archaeological project has been integrating the two to share scientific data. And maybe get in touch with @archaeologysouthwest, who has been working on a cool game-style archaeological reconstruction that's definitely worth taking a look at.

(Scottiow) #3

Hi Abby, thankyou very much for your reply. I will certainly get in contact with your suggetions. At the moment I am trying build up my contacts so they are greatly appreciated. I have a few ideas I would like to explore and hopefully will be able to create some interesting and exciting heritage experiences. I shall keep posted on any progress i make.

Many thanks


(Nebulousflynn) #4

Thanks for the intro @abbyec :smile:

Nice to meet ya @scottiow - I'm based in London pushing 3D / Photogrammetry in museums etc., currently doing some work with the British Museum.

From my experience as a freelancer (not just in regards to 3D stuff, but design and audio), Museums - the big ones at least - do have budgets / commitments to do innovative digital work but you often need to be on the radar. I'd suggest shooting some emails to digital teams / managers at some institutions you'd like to work with.

Might also help to have some projects in mind / examples / demos to get people thinking - always better to show people your skills than describe them in text. Sometimes the curators etc. just don't know how useful a certain tech (like VR) can be for audience engagement and outreach (can you tell I'm learning the Museum lingo? :wink:)

If you're in London sometime I'd be happy to meet over a coffee for a chat?

Nice to see what @hugoandersonwhymark and @archaeologysouthwest are up to as well - great stuff!

(Hugo Anderson-Whymark) #5

Hi @scottiow. I'm based in Orkney and I've been working on a research project creating 3d models of prehistoric artefacts and archaeological sites. I've worked with several Scottish museums and there's a great interest in this technology, but few have embraced the technology themselves. There's plenty of opportunity working with museums and as @nebulousflynn says it best to get in touch with digital managers who hold the purse strings and demonstrate examples of your work and applications. It's a great time to move into this field.


(Scottiow) #6

Hi @nebulousflynn and @hugoandersonwhymark thankyou for taking time to reply.

Its interesting to hear from you both, would you say its mainly a freelance business? Whilst researching I mainly found its academic institutions exploring this field with the exception of a few companies.

I will certainly take the advice on board. I already have a few ideas I want to create with some in mind for meusems/ heritage sites in the local area and further afield aswell. My aim, like both of you have suggested is create a portfolio of work demonstrating how useful and engaging this meduim can be, be it VR/AR, apps, or both for recording and interactive displays etc. I shall start looking out for museums and the digital managers to make contact with.

@nebulousflynn I am rarely in London im afraid but would certainly like to keep in contact if thats okay with you. Perhaps can arrange a meetup in the future for a chat, if not via email.

@hugoandersonwhymark it does feel like its a great time for this move. I have wanted to be more focused on this for a few years now, but with 2016 being the year for VR and AR and devices becoming more available technology, powerful smartphones and with more press and public awarness of the potential for these technologies in recording and perserving heritage ie Project Mosul etc I too feel its a great and exciting time to move into the field.

I will keep you all posted on progress I make on the examples of work.

Thanks again for your advice.