Making dioramas In Blender and Sketchfab


(Nahin) #1

So i have started making small realistic dioramas of many types of enviroments

making it was not that much of a challange , but uploading it to sketchfab was thou. i had to retopolize 1 million polygons to real-time levels and bake the normals , which wasnt that difficult , but the lighting in sketchfab was.

anyways here are the dioramas , i am still not finalized with lighitng , so any suggestions would be nice

Canyon ( Old Test ) :

Canyon New :

(Mauricesvay) #2

Hello @NAHIN,

congrats for setting up your scene, looks pretty good!
Regarding the lighting, could you tell us more about what was difficult? Your feedback could help us improve how it works.

(Nahin) #3

Workflow ( skip if needed ) :

So i started off by seeing some references as usual. then i went to blender and got a landscape mesh using the ANT landscape add-on , i switched to a preset called canyon as a starting point , i tweaked the settings to get a more realistic mesh . it took some time to iterate . then i started with the smaller details , used a combination of noises to do the detail work , but the blender version used both bump mapping and normal mapping , which looked good inside blender , i had a basic color and roughness parameter. i it worked nicely

now to retopology , i used the decimate modifer on the mesh to reduce poly count from a million to a few thousand , its worked for the most part , but it distorted some major proportion , which had to fixed manually

Now that i got the retopo mesh , now to bake some normals , and here is the problem. it utilizes both bump and normals , and on sketchfab , you cant have both bump and normals , so i had to figure out which one did i want to use , so i made the decision of using normals , and i hade to sacrifice bump data which could have made some good looking light details on the viewer

Problems :
after upload , i had to work and itterate the lighting a Ton after somewhat getting a good result , although the normals looks bad for some reason ( proabably because i had to turn my bumps into normals ) , Areches pintress worked perfectly , and i had to work with the lights a bit

difficult parts being sketchfab not supporing both bump and normals , which is a bummer

and as sketchfab dont have Global illumination , i was struggling with the Red bounce light that makes the canyon shine and look good. also the shadows are a little weird , The enviroment was universally lighting everything , even the places it should not reach ( i.e the yellow tints of the backface of a hill , that should not happen because light should not be able to reach it )

i am working on a remaster of this which will look better , i hope to see a improvement.

(Nahin) #4

Update :
- New canyon diorama , better lighting , textures and and Drastic Performance increase ( Works Smoothly on Mobile )