Making minor changes

(Bob Danforth) #1

Having spent much of the day bringing in a build from Great Canadian Grid as a dae. I find that there are minor differences in location and texture alignment in the translation,(and some other minor alignment issues. The original has particle systems and moving textures (and even a weather vane that measures the wind) that also of course do not translate,but it would be nice to be able to twitch the placement of parts and textures there are many other nudges in strength etc of the textures . alignment would be nice too.

The current result is here


Can you please post a screenshot of the texture problem on Sketchfab vs the expected result?

(Bob Danforth) #3

Was a 1% difference in scale,of the texture on the landscape from what it should have been and a single click to change it would save 20 min work re-uploading but that is done. In the Gazebo there are many small issues of placement of the columns but I am not sure such a process would ever get done that did not get more problems, but done in place would probably improve it. As noted above there are animation scripts as well, that change how the texture is shown on the the fountains. Some I just made invisible, the others I may be able to fix but will take a lot of work and perhaps multiple tries.