Making stop motion running fast for multi frame GIF

(Jimmygunawan) #1

Dear Sketchfab Team, I am testing a setup where I have multiple animated GIF image but I have around 100 frames of PNG hires with Alpha, is there a chance to make it very efficient and ready for AR to run at 30 fps (I wish to have it at 60 fps)

Travolta Meme:



I don't think that a Timeframe will be the best solution for this. It tends to produce very heavy models, especially here where you have 100 separate objects / textures. I'm not sure it will ever be efficient enough to run at 30 fps in AR :confused:

(Jimmygunawan) #3

I see... ok well, ideally maybe Alembic for every changing mesh and texture (optional) or same material. I use Blend and still trying to get "step keyframe" to happen. FBX does not quite work, last time I check.

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Do you reckon at some point we can have some kind of tilemap set that we can cycles very quickly like in game?


It's not on the short term roadmap, but we hope to implement animated UVs/textures/materials in the future, which could probably serve this use case.