Mantas Talmantas photogrammetry LT


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Photogrammetry freelancer

About this service

I am providing 3D scanning services (Photogrammetry).
That includes scanning objects and locations, starting from about 10 cm in size up to building size objects that have some texture detail.
Also doing retopology for real-time graphics or animation (low poly and good mesh topology with edge loops) and PBR textures.

Service description

  • Specialisation: Photogrammetry studio / outdoor dslr
  • Equipment/software: DSLR
  • Location: Vilnius
  • Size 10 cm - building size
  • Textures: 4k 8k 16k
  • Deliverable file formats: *.obj *.fbx
  • Additional services: Auto and manual retopology with correct mesh topology
  • Costs: contact for details