Many objects skinned with one armature

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Hi there

So i have this skinned model which will be using the viewer api. It is possible to merge all my skinned objects into one object , but i need to control individual visibility for each item ( each item has its own material anyway and atlasing is not an option ) so i have separated all these objects, they still all use the same armature and animation. I already know this works on sketchfab, my question is on how expensive this is to the scene? I have previously only had 2 or 3 objects set up like this but now im looking at about 16 objects. The only reason i dont merge them is for object visibility. Could a developer please tell me if this results in a very expensive scene to render? If it is very bad I can merge them and resort to show / hide objects by setting a blank texture for the transparency channel , just that is more tedious then just using object visibility.

Any info would be appreciated :


Can you share a link (privately if necessary)? I’ll take a look at the performance for you.

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thanks James , im gonna upload soon, still finishing up some UV stuff, I will send you the link in a pm when ready.