Maritime Archaeology Ltd - Southampton, UK


About this service

Maritme Archaeology Ltd is a cultural heritage contractor drawing on over 25 years experience of the Maritime Archaeology Trust, based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton. Undertaking all heritage projects types, from multi-partner European funded, grant basis to bespoke client requirements and adhoc consultancy. Our visualisation portflolio includes photogrammetry and sonar derived data for modelling of shipwrecks, submerged landscapes and artefact collections, in addition to our other EIA, reporting, and diving services.

Deliverables include models, hosting and training. All profits support the Maritime Archaeology Trust, a registered UK charity whose mission is to understand and protect intangible cultural heritage and to communciate this enthusiasm and a sense of ownership to the wider public.

Service description

  • Specialisation: underwater scanning, high quality photogrammetry, as well as modelling based on multibeam data and other types of marine survey.
  • Equipment/software: multiple underwater DSLR cameras, laser scanning on request.
  • Location: National Oceanographyy Centre, Southampton, UK.
  • Ability to travel: internationally.
  • Resolution: depends on scale, centimetric for large shipwrecks, sub-mm for artefacts.
  • Guaranteed accuracy: better than your hand-drawn site plan.
  • Max / min scannable sizes: challenge us.
  • Textures: high resolution textures.
  • Deliverable file formats: on request.
  • Additional services: retouch, 3D print prep, re-texturing, training, hosting.
  • Costs: prices dependent on project, please request a quote.


HMD John Mitchell (1917), Armed Drifter by maritimearchaeology on Sketchfab

Mrs Ples (A. africanus) by maritimearchaeology on Sketchfab

SS War Knight (1918), Turbine Engine by maritimearchaeology on Sketchfab