Mark models downloadable with API


(Bellus3d) #1

How to mark the model already been uploaded to be downloadable with API?

And how to choose license with API?

I am using python BTW.



You can find the license UIDs here:

You can set a license during the original upload POST:!/models/post_v3_models

or with a PATCH after upload:!/models/patch_v3_models_uid

(Bellus3d) #3


But how to enable the Downloadable option by API? I didn't see that in PATCH


Just set license to a valid license.

(Bellus3d) #6

Thanks, got it.

(Zuo) #7

How to disable the downloadable option from the API?

I was able to enable it including the license key but no luck trying to disable it, I think I need to add something to the license value in order to "delete" the content of the previous one but not sure what I'm missing.


Try setting it to null ?