Market Confussion, Video Game Art & Industry?

(Tomahawk Edu) #1

I’m interested is the Video gaming industry as an (Indie=Individual) developer.
But… The industry looks almost completely non-viable.
Obviously, Art is a very important component to ANY video game. I heard that a decent Android game on Google Play can fetch a whopping 50 cents - one dollar a day after being downloaded a few million times e.g. (2.5 mill).

I thought it took work, and that game art cost money ? Why would someone spend allot of time making a game, pay for art, allow it to be downloaded 2.5 million times and be happy with $150 dollars per year at the peak (If they are lucky) ? And from what I’ve heard, Google Play will ban you at the drop of a hat. Plus, have enough regulations that you might think you would need a lawyer to protect yourself.

Like I said, I’m new to the Video Game industry, Art is important. Could someone please explain why people would do what looks to be completely stupid free Android game development for Google ? All the time killing
the Indie game industry. Whats wrong with this picture ?

And what about the next niche market a Mega company wants to destroy, so that can have a few more clicks and sport that market like a new hat.