Market Research: 3D Scanning for Musea

(Calvin Nz) #1

Hi everyone.

I’ve been scanning for the past 2 years and created many scans.

I now have a museum who is interested in my services to catalogue some of their artifacts but have no idea how to charge and how much i should charge

I would love to have some advice on how you charge your customers.

Kind Regards


(Bart) #2

Hi Calvin! I’ve moved your message to the 3D scanning forum and made the topic a bit more descriptive.

@nebulousflynn can you give Calvin some advise?

(Nebulousflynn) #3

Hi @CalvinNZ,

Speaking as a freelancer of many years before joining Sketchfab my main advice would be to go in high - if budgets don’t stretch you can always come down. I’m not suggesting anything excessive just to value your skills :slight_smile:

Other things to consider are whether the job(s) can be charged at a day rate or fixed for X number of objects.

Also do you expect to hand over raw scans or will there be any post production?

Previous to Sketchfab, I’ve charge anything from £330 a day to £2000 for 10 objects for photogrammetry scans that were destined for public viewing (i.e. not academic research).

(Calvin Nz) #4

Thanks for your advise. How do you normally propose it to your clients. Do you happen a default proposal doc u use?

(Bart) #5

When I freelanced as a web developer, I always used a high hourly rate, but I would give an ‘introduction discount’ to some clients. This allowed me to increase the price afterwards without discussion.

Never start with a ‘regular’ low fee - you’ll never be able to increase it again afterwards. Also, offering yourself at too low a price makes some clients doubt your quality. If you’re expensive, you must be good, right? :slight_smile:

(Nebulousflynn) #6

Nothing on hand to share I’m afraid.

As a start I’d suggest including:

  • who you are
  • what you do
  • some examples of work / links to website etc.
  • maybe some suggestions for how you see 3D being useful in a museum’s regular work

I think starting with a re-usable doc is a good idea but try to personalize things too - include contact / museum name, research and bit and link 3D to other projects the museum has done/plans to do. It can make you sound less like a marketing robot :robot:

(Mesheritage) #7

Just to add, you can find document to advice heritage group about cost of 3D scanning.

It depends where you are, but if it is UK you can check document from HE or loterryfund (I reed it a year ago so I am not sure I can find quickly the link!). Then you can support your price by common practice.

I think basic photogrammetry was around 500 a day, laserscan or more advance photogrammetry can reach 1-2k.
Even using a drone for a day for 3D model would result in a ~1k fees.

Even a photographer for a day can cost 700 pound, even though it needs editing after, with a 3D models you might need even more time (both machine and people)

PS: I am not a freelancer, I just collect info about that