Martinique "hut"

Hi folks,

I’ve posted a model of a traditionnal house of Martinique (French west Indies). I plan to make several models of different houses types of the Island.
Hope you will enjoy it.

Downloadable model.

Hey there,

I like the house but you should consider optimizing the model.
I mean, almost 2 million triangles and 1 million verts is just too much. Especially compared to your cool steampunk mech.

You are right it’s a bit huge.
I think the problem is the grass.
In blender, I used the particules system To duplicate a single blade of grass.
To have them In sketchfab, I have had to make them “real”, so the number of polygon is really high.
The organic models require a lot of curves, and more vertices/poly.
This model was also a test bed to understand how blender and sketchfab manage the use of height maps. (For the roof tiles, wood planks walls).
Sorry for the bad English.