Matcap by default?

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Who knows how I can set by default the matcap of the model?
And there is a posibility of change the background? ex: black?
Here can you find the model I tryhing to modify:

Thank you.

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You can choice your Shading (Matcap) in General tab of Scene panel (click on 3D Setting).
To change your background , click on Fixed Background tab and Import Background Image button.
For more details, you can read


If you're using a fixed background, make sure to turn OFF the environment's Replace Background:

More details here:

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James thanks.

Antoher question, my model is a little tall so when it is displayed the zoom is very far away. There is a code for controlling the zoom, added in the: /embed?...
I want the camera star with a zoom in, there is possible?



You just need to go to 3D Settings, put the model where you want it ( zoom, position, rotation, etc. ) and click Save View. I've done this one for you:

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Thank you soo much smile

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I tried to do this, after I saved the settings to MatCap and exited, then reloaded the scene, it did not retain the MatCap setting.


@toy_meister Hmm. Which model are you trying this on?

(Toy Meister) #9

I finally got it to use the setting, but it seemed that I had to try several things before it would accept the setting. Could be me, I don't know.


Hmm ok, I'll take a look.

Glad you got it working.