MatCap Rendering


(My3dscanner) #1

I used to look at a model at Sketchfab in a MatCap mode just to see the shape without textures. Before it had been possible for all the models. Now only few have MatCap option. Do I understand correctly that a user can block MatCap view so I can't see it MatCap mode? Why was it done this way? How can I evaluate a model without stripping it?

(Vlad) #2

This is "optimization" made by Sketchfab team.
Them promised in the future completely new "object inspector" mode.Estimated time - Unknown.
And till this, we stick with Shadeless mode without ability check model topology :frowning:



The available options depend on how the model was saved by the author. For example, if a model is saved in Shadeless mode, Lit and MatCap will not be available. This improves viewer load times because it does not need to download unnecessary components (e.g. tangent information used for shading).

That said, you can always turn on Wireframe to check topology.

I'll add your '+1' to the "Inspector" feature request :slight_smile: