Matcap specularity

(Tauricity) #1

Do you think we could get an option for a more dull, clay-like matcap? The specularity of the default actually hurts the detail on models where a matcap should work best.

For example, this excellent model shows up best in a matcap because of its tremendous detail:

Penzance Market Cross - untextured by Tom Goskar on Sketchfab

Matcap actually works better for this model, in my opinion, than any other option, but when viewed straight on, the reflections blow out the color to white and the detail disappears.

Or provide a way to turn down the spec? Or change the IOR? Or could you at least turn down the specularity on the default?


(Stephomi) #2

The matcap rendering doesn't have any specularity component. It's just a simple texture lookup (with the normal as in input coordinate). It's a very cheapest shader.

What we should probably do is giving the choice between different matcap (or even letting people to upload it).
I don't know if it's somewhere in our roadmap though :).

(Tauricity) #3

Yeah, a few matcap choices would be nice. Thanks for the reply.

(Mauricesvay) #4

It seems that the matcap blows up because there are postprocessing filters. Turning them off should fix the issue.

(Victor Estivador) #5

the option to upload some texture as a matcap will be amazing, its a cheaper way to make some effects and non realistic 3D styles. hope one day it became a feature =)