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Matel view Master (focusing)


(Marcbon) #1

I am new to all this Vr experience and right now, I am uploading basic models to get some feedback but I am having problems with my viewer headset wich it works great with sketchfab app but with web version in safari looks like I am viewing double, on the app you have to scan your viewer QR to get the right calibration but I can't find that option on the web browser option...


(Vibrantnebula) #2

What type of headset are you using? Cardboard?

(Aleahy) #3

Hi, once you've selected the ViewMaster QR Code in a Cardboard app (from the center gear icon) there's nothing else YOU need to do on the handset.

However, VR on mobile browsers (actually in any browser!) is still very new. There's no guarantee a particular web app will make use of the Cardboard Profile to provide the best optical experience.

Even Google's VR gurus are struggling with this.
For example try I can't get a correct projection with a Mattel ViewMaster VR.

Andrew | Wonderama Lab | Western Sydney University