Material aren't showing up on model


(Laughing Bear) #1

Is there any way to get the material to show up on my model when I upload it to the site?

(Shaderbytes) #2

The material will always be there, you mean a texture? How are you uploading your work? using the blender exporting addon or an external format imported via the website?

For the exporter addon it only supports reading and uploading textures of materials if you use BI (blender internal) material types. Cycles is not supported as far as I know.

For external formats there is a known naming convention you can use to have textures assigned to the correct slots of each material. You can then zip the model and textures and upload the zip.

(Laughing Bear) #3

I upload a zip file with the model and its textures. When I apply the textures in the model editor, all the material color and reflection changes are not there.

(Shaderbytes) #4

Is your geometry UV mapped?

(Laughing Bear) #5

Ya, they're UV mapped

(Hakuru15) #6

hey there! I know this may be an old post but I'm gonna add something useful if anyone else runs into this post but if you try to to go your sketchfab 3d settings, head to the materials tab and there you should find "workflow" i believe you can assign or manage or select your textures that has already been exported to sketchfab along with it.