Material colors aren't displaying from Blender obj and mtl files


(Rickprokosch) #1

I have a model

that isn't showing the materials color properly on my model, everything is just grey. It zipped the .mtl file with .obj from blender's export. I see in the materials tab that it has the names of my materials but it didn't bring the colors across... any ideas?

I just used materials to color the model, not textures. I'm using cycles as well. I found the tutorial that tells you how to upload using the sketfab addon but that still resulted in none of my colors coming across.

Thanks for any info, let me know what other info I can provide.


Weird, I see material definitions in the MTL and they appear to be referenced correctly in the OBJ, but even when I open the file in other software, there's no materials.

Could you please send me the original blend file?

(Rickprokosch) #3

Sure thing. I admit that I'm still a noob when it comes to blender so it could totally be me and how I modelled the thing... I used the export feature in blender and zipped the .mtl and .obj files. should let you download the blend file.


Thanks! I think it might be related to the Cycles materials. @shaderbytes do you mind having a look?

(Shaderbytes) #5

I had a look , cant say why its not working. They are simple diffuse materials and the faces are assigned to the different materials , I did two tests one just uploading the scene as is and then another with modifiers applied .. both dont import the diffuse colors. ( using the sketchfab exporter ) .. maybe a regression bug on your end?

(Rickprokosch) #6

@shaderbytes @james thanks for checking this out. So maybe it isn't me after all... I also tried with blender 2.76 and 2.77.

Maybe I should try a middle program that I can import my blend file into and then export the obj and mtl that way?


Hmm, @waleguene maybe you have an idea?

(Waleguene) #8

Hi @rickprokosch,

Thanks a lot @shaderbytes for your help!
I took a look at the blend file and tried an export in OBJ. The mtl contains all the materials but they all have the same diffuse color.
Moreover, your materials are not "classic" Blender material but Cycles (Diffuse BSDF node) as shown here:

These materials don't look to be exported correcly in OBJ (the color is in a node and I am not sure that Blender do the conversion from Cycles to classic since it is not trivial at all). In fact, Blender cycle are not supported in most of the cases :confused:

I would suggest you to use classic material and define the color in diffuse, so that they are exported in OBJ :smile:
I hope it helps,


Diffuse BSDF colors in Blender Cycles not showing up?
(Rickprokosch) #9

@waleguene @james @shaderbytes Thanks for the investigation! I'll see how much work it is to convert those materials back to blender render. I wondered if that might be the cause, I was suspect when I saw a lack of discussion about cycles on the forums. :smile:

Thanks again for the help!

(Shaderbytes) #10

Mmm. I actually never target cycles for models im building for realtime display , which is practically all I ever model so I did not actually know cycles was not supported by the sketchfab exporter. It's bizarre though that blender cant get cycles objects to export a working OBJ/MTL as well..? I mean its not a very complicated format..

(Rickprokosch) #11

@shaderbytes @waleguene @james yeah, that's odd. I'm a noob but I use cycles because I make my stuff mostly for 2d renders and I love the realistic renders, I'm just a hobby guy. I ended up just copying the hex from the blender materials to the materials in sketchfab. Didn't take long and worked just fine. Thanks for the help, everyone!

Here is the finished product:

Raptor by rickprokosch on Sketchfab

(Nimesh Kushwah) #12

Hi guys,

It seems that I am having the same problem of matrials not getting imported with OBJ file in blender. Just wanted to check if the problem has been resolved yet by anyone or not. OR is there another way around it?

It would help me a lot.
Using 2.79
Thank you.


Can you please share the link to the model or the file?

(Msiraj83) #14

They way I slove is.... Just open you obj file in Meshlab and save it inot .ply format. Than open it in blender and create material properties and check "Vertex color Paint".