Material Duplication [Bug]

Hi folks,

Recently discovered something odd regarding the processing of materials it seems. Not sure when this started happening, so I won’t be able to pinpoint if it might have been a recent update to the website or not.

Anyhow, I noticed that, when you upload a model with multiple parts that, for instance, uses the same material, when editing the model under the 3D settings, sketchfab duplicates the materials equal to the amount of different parts that use the same material.

In my original .blend file I only have 3 materials, one being the gold plating, the other is the gem, and the last is the pillow on the inside of the casing. However in sketchfab I have multiple gold materials being added.

Here is an example image of what happens with models using the same material in the same file:

Thx for reporting. Same problem here. I already reported it to the team.
You can solve the problem (waiting for them to fix it) by merging all you object into one.


I usually don’t merge due to having modifiers added to the model, as generally applying them triples file size, but I noticed that is a way of working around it. :smile:

Should be fixed in the next release :smile:

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Thank you very much James, you guys are just awesome! Keep up the great work. :smile:

he he… i noticed it when i was uploading some of my ancient models this week… thought it was a bug with the models

Was this an FBX import? Then yes, this was fixed in yesterday’s release.