Material issues in Chrome

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hi there, I have a material issue on a model that works fine in IE but almost looks to have normal issues in chrome and I cant change the material or colour of the cable tie in 3D settings? Any ideas?

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It seems fine in Chrome on my end. Can you send a screenshot? What OS and version of Chrome are you running?

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Hi James,

Thanks for responding

I am running Chrome Version 60.0.3112.113 64-Bit

It looked fine a week or so ago. But now the animated cable tie is solid black and as it animates there are white artifacts in the model. The other, non animated, models in the scene look fine. In addition we can’t seem to change the material of the animated cable tie in 3D settings.

I can’t show the white artifacts in the screen shot as they only appear when the animation is running but the cable tie should be grey not solid black.

Just to make sure we’re talking about the same part, here’s the link:

It's not just me that's seeing this. We have two accounts - keithg for testing and tr-fastenings for finished work. My colleague originally posted this issue (she is on the tr-fastenings account) and she works at another location on a different laptop and network. That said, our laptops are identical. HP ZBook14 Windows 8.1 64 Bit with AMD FirePro cards

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And here's the exact same animation running on IE11 v 11.0.9600.18763


Thanks! Could you post a screenshot of this report (from Chrome)?

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After viewing this I checked what graphics card was being used as my laptop has switchable graphics.

Both IE and Chrome are locked to power saving mode which means they are both using the Intel HD graphics chipset rather than the AMD FirePro card which I said earlier.

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One other thing. This used to work fine for us in Chrome. It all went strange about a week ago. Interestingly my version of Chrome was automatically updated to 60.0.3112.113 about a week ago. Is it Chrome?


Sounds like a change on Chrome's end, then. Can you try enabling the Override software rendering list flag?


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Just done it, re-launched Chrome and still the same issue

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I've been trying to pin this down. If I upload the model as a static object it's fine

As soon as I animate and upload the material goes wrong in my version of Chrome and looks solid black but works in IE11

We have other animated cable ties which are fine. This model was done in Blender and has 7902 faces. The rig for the model has 96 bones. It looks like the animation is hitting some sort of limit in the latest version of Chrome but not IE. Hope this helps


Hmm, my only guess is something related to your GPU and Chrome. Could you try Chrome 61 Beta or Canary?

@stephomi any ideas?

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Unfortunately I work for a large company and we aren't allowed to install anything on our machines unless aprroved by IT. They won't allow Beta versions of anything on our network.

It does seem strange that all was fine a week ago. My graphics cards or drivers haven't changed so it must be something Chrome has done. It's a bog standard intel HD chipset so nothing unusual there. I also wonder why our other models aren't affected - just this one.

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It's something to do with a limit on the armature in Chrome. The original (which still looks black) has 99 bones.

I re-did the armature to have much fewer bones and it works. Unfortunately not enough bones to have a smooth animation so I'm going to have to try a few more until I find out the limit. Strange.


Hmm that is weird :confused:

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It is strange. We got it working fine with about 60 bones in the armature. It all appears to be connected to the latest version of Chrome when viewed on an HP Notebook running Intel HD Graphics.

I got a new PC running Windows 10 with an nVidia Quattro card and the original one (99 bones) works fine but is still an issue on my old laptop.

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Do you have errors in the console?